• Culture

    The ultimate virtual tour of Vietnam

    While it should always be the goal to visit Vietnam in person, you can get a feel of your dream holiday even before booking any tickets in this nationwide 360-degree tour. Go on a virtual vacation in Vietnam: venture to the waterfalls of Đà Lạt, breathe in a quiet moment in Ho Chi Minh City’s pagodas, or wander the ancient royal tombs in Huế. These interactive experiences are the next best thing to a real trip. Make yourself a cup of cà phê sữa đá, and let’s go!

  • Culture

    An inside guide to the Thang Long Citadel

    In 2002, when Vietnamese archeologists began digging near the North Gate on Hanoi’s Phan Đình Phùng Street, they were looking for more relics from the Nguyễn Dynasty. Instead, they discovered one of Vietnam’s most important historical sites. The relics they…

  • Culture

    5 reasons you’ll love Can Tho

    Can Tho’s fluffy clouds and azure blue skies are your first cue to slow down and take a breath. But you’ll have many more. From locals inviting you into their gardens for a cup of tea, to hammocks strung on…

  • Golf

    5 reasons to try KN Golf Links

    Since its opening in 2018, KN Golf Links in Vietnam has fascinated golfers. Its rugged natural beauty, impeccable conditioning, and unique design are just a few reasons the course has attracted international recognition. Read on to find out more about…

  • Wellness

    Vietnam’s wonderful wellness resorts

    Even the most dedicated health enthusiasts among us need a boost from time to time. If your cookie consumption is on the uptake, your energy reserves on the decline, or if you’re simply looking for a few days of restoration,…

  • Luxury

    Best barefoot luxury retreats in Vietnam

    A generation or two ago, luxury hotels meant gilded finery, crystal chandeliers, and towering marble columns. Many of today’s travellers, however, crave a more understated sort of opulence. Vietnam's leading green resorts offer an effortlessly chic aesthetic and a refined, yet…

  • Family

    5 beach resorts for families in Vietnam

    Travelling as a family is always an adventure. In Vietnam, families have a chance to explore enriching local crafts and culture, and enjoy the country’s beautiful nature together. Take advantage of the warm hospitality and excellent services at Vietnam’s beach…

  • Culture

    5 cultural activities at VinWonders Hoi An

    Vietnam’s distinct culture is one of the best reasons to visit. Of its three regions, Central Vietnam is known as a hotspot for culture seekers, with UNESCO Heritage Sites and authentic local life. Now in Hoi An, travellers can also…

  • Cities

    Explore the Old Quarter your way

    The Old Quarter in Hanoi is an intriguing neighbourhood, home to a mix of Vietnamese architecture, green spaces, ancient shops and fresh-as-it-gets street food — all of it easily explored on foot.

  • Culture

    All about Vietnamese water puppets

    You don’t have to be a child to be entertained by water puppets. Vietnam’s water puppetry opens a window into local culture, and is a fully realised art form enjoyed by young and old. Watch scenes of village life on…

  • Luxury

    6 hotels that made Vietnamese history

    If there’s one thing a hotel can’t buy, it’s heritage. Only those that have weathered time, politics and fashion trends can claim the title of ‘historical hotel’. Take a step back in a time with a stay at any of…